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The Uncensored Truth: Let's Talk About Sex


“Whether you aspire to a love that makes angels sing, or just want to have sex that makes your toes curl, the erotic insights in this engaging book are for you.”

— Enio Rigolin

Author of the screenplay “The 13th Man,”  2010 Black List


“No matter your age, every man’s dream is in this book! Finally, I understand what most women are really thinking about and during sex. A great read at any age!”

— Jack Peterson

Author of the bestseller “Balance of Power” and “A Thin Place”

Royal City Reviews:

Delusions and misunderstandings pertaining to the female libido have shaped and mislead the global markets from the dawn of time. Inklings of ideas have dripped from the minds of male monkeys perched atop of the old oak tree, waiving bananas around in fits of rage, spouting it to be god’s honest truth. Silks and Spices have been traded in back-alley hell holes, CEO’s have killed in boardrooms for inside truth into refining their sex life, both men and women strive for the inside skill-set to bolster their sexual dynamic, and this book, The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk about Sex by L.G. Erikson, does just that. Taboos are laid to rest, examples of bedroom romps are illustrated, and the sexual situations such as “friends with Benefits” are subjected to the truth behind the typically dubbed “double negative”. 

“Le petite mort”. A French proverb meaning that little bit of death, referring to the orgasm of course. Ironic isn’t it? Speaking of death yet referring to the sexual orgasm, how true. “This kind of orgasm feels a bit like drifting off into the stratosphere. When you come back to earth, it leaves you with the feeling that if you were die right now it would be alright.” 

This is a book for refining sexual drives in both men and women, a book to help and assist relationships or for the single person, it can mean the greatest of sexual pleasures. L.G. Erikson details in-depth the in’s and out’s of the bedroom, through descriptive and tantalizing language. Touching base with chapter 9: “Normal Sex” vs Mind-blowing sex this book gives a new dynamic with a new angle of approach for regarding either sex’s libido. Plain and simple if you want to spice up the relationship status, GET THIS BOOK!